Stirred, but not Shaken

Another school year is upon us and with it so many uncertainties. We wonder what subjects we will be conquering, and what social obstacles we will be encountering. We dread test dates and imagine homecoming dates and plan study dates. We count all the days between now and Thanksgiving break, and then all the days until Christmas.

But do we count ourselves blessed?

If you know Jesus as your best friend, you are blessed. As you walk through each year of your life, He walks with you. This doesn’t spare us a human existence, no matter how much we wish it would. As Christians, we still feel the pains of this world. We feel embarrassed and alone, anxious and afraid, unworthy and overlooked, but not the way that an unsaved person does. We have our doubts. We have our strife. Yet we do not wander into hopelessness. We do not stumble into total despair. Even at the bottom of our lowest pits, we still have the Lord of all Lords and the King of all Kings as our ever-present helper and guide. That should be something to smile about.

The real question here does not concern your salvation. If you’re reading our ModFem page, we’re 90% sure that you’ve already asked Christ into your heart and into your life. No, the real question for you, ambassador of the Lord, is: are you shaken or stirred? As you look at the condition of the people around you, what do you see? It doesn’t take much to be shaken by the evils that are ravaging our culture.

Statistics tell us that you, as an average American student, know AT LEAST one person who has been abused, mutilated themselves, given away their purity, used alcohol or drugs, cried themselves to sleep or has never had enough food in the fridge. For those without faith, seeing the wreckage caused by sin would shake them to their core—but it may not result in any effort to rectify the wrongs.

For those who live by faith, we should be stirred into loving action. Love is a verb, after all, and to love one another is to act upon our concern and compassion. Jesus taught in James 2:14 that if we say we have love for those who are hurting, but do not follow up our concern with actions of care, our faith is not just useless—it’s dead. No one among us should go without the basics needed for life: food, shelter, clothing and—I would argue—love.

Every day that the Lord blesses you with is an opportunity to be stirred up. Let your heart be stirred into action by the people around you. Take a chance this week. It doesn’t have to be some big gesture. It can be something small, but get started now. Make eye contact and smile at someone. Give your soda to someone who is obviously having a bad day. Be the quiet kid’s lab partner. Ask the new student to sit with you at lunch. Invite someone who often gets left out to your next birthday party or sleepover.

Don’t let the worries and struggles of this world shake your faith. Let the needs of those around you stir you into action!


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