New series! Getting Hitched: Part I

contributed by Breezy Peterson

Local fashion designer Savanna Lewis is not just an astonishingly talented young woman, self-starting entrepreneur, business woman (just look at these lovely designs!) and college student.

She is also a gorgeous bride-to-be.

We reached out to Ms. Lewis via email after coming across her stunning engagement photos. With this year’s MODFEM theme being “The Bridal Edition”, hearing Savanna’s story seemed like a perfect fit. Which sounds really great. But basically…Savanna graciously allowed us to ask all sorts of nosy questions.

Her life has been uniquely woven by God, and is being exquisitely crafted for His glory. Over the next couple of posts, we hope you find as much joy in her words as we did. Here’s Part I.



Savanna was born 19 years ago in Lynchburg, VA. Although her designs reflect the sleek elegance of high fashion, living in Hurt all of her life has not seemed to have cramped her style. Savanna says she has enjoyed this provincial life, even if it came with certain challenges.

“I have loved every second of the small town feeling we have here,” Savanna said. “Of course it kind of sucked having to drive 45 minutes from my house to get to the nearest mall, but you get used to it pretty quick.”

Savanna’s childhood was a bit unconventional. Her family chose to homeschool her exclusively, training her up from preschool to high school graduation at home. She says that her family’s stance on Godly values did not fit in with the public school options, and that although she once bristled at the peculiarities of homeschooling, she is now appreciative of her parent’s choices.

“Being homeschooled really shaped me into becoming a designer,” she said. “The extra time I had to spend at home kind of got the creative ideas spinning in my head.”

Savanna also spent a great many hours on the floors of her grandmother’s sewing rooms, soaking in the lifetime of skills both women offered.

One of her earliest memories, Savanna says, centers around sewing.

“I can remember sitting on my Granny’s floor while she sewed. She would hand me a needle, thread, and a swatch of fabric for me to make anything I wanted.”

As talented as Savanna is today, she concedes that she was not a child prodigy. “I couldn’t make anything when I was that young, but I definitely knew how to put some very crooked stitches in a piece of fabric!”

Savanna continued to hone her technique, culminating in a particularly frustrating project she was trying to complete by herself. The pattern for a skirt proved to be maddening, and she threw the whole thing into the trash.

Then, she fished it out.

“I said to myself, ‘I can make this without that stupid pattern!’ At the time, I didn’t really think I could, but a few hours later I realized—I was right.”

That was the moment a spark was lit for Savanna.

“I could make a skirt without a pattern and without any guides,” she said, “because I’m a designer, not a seamstress.”

“From that point on, there was no stopping my designs.”


To discover more of God’s design for this sweet southern gal, tune in on Friday for our next installment of “Getting Hitched with Savanna Lewis”.


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