Getting Hitched: PartIV

above: Savanna Lewis and Seth Short. Courtesy of Savanna Lewis.


contributed by Breezy Peterson

We hope that you’ve enjoyed following the “Getting Hitched” series. Between Savanna’s amazing fashion designs and Seth’s romantic proposal, we could just camp out in this sweet story forever.

We’re having such a hard time saying goodbye to this couple that we hope you will indulge us as we stretch this piece out into one more part (since Part I, Part II and Part III were just not enough).



part Iv: binding a dream

Savanna, like any young woman, has a heart full of dreams.

She dreams about her future

as a designer and a business owner.

“In my wildest dreams,” Savanna said, “my future would be designing Taylor Swift’s latest red carpet dress in my very own fashion studio, which would have endless fabrics to choose from.” Savanna took the initiative and reached out to the singer on social media.

In January, Savanna’s offer to design Swift’s upcoming awards show look went viral, getting shared nearly 300 times and mentioned on the local news station. The Grammy season came for Swift and, sadly, Savanna’s phone didn’t ring. But disappointment isn’t slowing her down.

Savanna plans to continue expanding her brand in the fashion industry. Upon the completion of her Associate’s Degree, she hopes to find a job in her field as well as maintain her sewing business on the side.

She dreams of being a good wife

to a good Christian man.

The intentional way she lives this desire out, and the boundaries she agreed to put on her relationship with Seth, reflect their relationship goals.

“Look for someone who makes plans with you for years down the road, not just for the party next weekend, ” Savanna said. “Look for someone who tells you that they love you every day. Look for someone who tells you how beautiful you look every time they see you.”

Savanna and Seth also purposefully chose to no longer preserve close relationships with friends of the opposite sex, preferring to close the door on any doubts or jealousies that could have arisen.

She dreams of her wedding day

as the winter weather slowly

but joyfully turns to spring.

Savanna and Seth plan to say their vows in a wooded area on her parent’s property during what photographers call “The Golden Hour”—the magical moment when the setting sun bathes the earth in a warm, brilliant light. We imagine Savanna won’t need any extra help glowing on her wedding day, but the timing suits her designs for a fairytale wedding.

Though the process has had its challenges (weddings can be expensive), she’s still bubbling over with anticipation.

“The best thing about planning our wedding is just thinking about how excited we are going to be on that day, and all of our friends and family who will be there to celebrate with us,” Savanna said.

“And the dress, of course, the dress!”


She dreams of a life built side by side with her husband,

sharing the responsibilities of married life,

honoring God’s design for man and wife.

“There are many unique benefits and challenges to getting married young,” she said, “but the benefits outweigh the challenges.” Savanna looks forward to figuring out everything from stocking the fridge to paying the rent with Seth.

“I’m ready to grow up with him. We are going to make dumb decisions together and learn from them together. We’re going to learn how to cook together, live on pinching a penny together, and love together.”


Tune in for our Epilogue, coming next week…if we can bear to bring this story to an end…we make no promises.

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