Q: Why am I being asked for my email? We’re going to send some cool stuff to your email before ModFem, like our worship track list, to help you get ready for an awesome retreat! We’ll also send you a few things after the conference to keep you connected and to remind you to register again next year.

Q: What do you need my birth month and year for? When we break into small groups, we try to keep girls together who can connect on a more personal basis. We find that keeping middle school, lower high school and upper high school girls together helps the conversation flow better.

Q: What if I have a special diet (including Gluten-Free), have a medical condition, require specific accommodations or need to bring medication to the retreat? We have provided a space in the registration form for you to type in any special needs you may have while you are with us. If you forgot to include anything, you can always email us at modfemva@gmail.com to be sure that we know what your needs are.

Q: What if, due to an unforeseen circumstance, someone who is not on this registration form has to pick me up after ModFem? We’ll make a call to your parent or guardian to confirm this change of plans before you’ll be allowed to leave with any person not specified on your registration. This is for your safety as well as ours.

Q: Why is there a cost for the retreat? The $30 registration fee covers your meals, overnight lodging, activity materials, study materials and t-shirt. That’s a pretty sweet deal!