2017 Retreat: ModFem Warrior Princess

Hi ladies!!! We are SO pumped about this year’s retreat, which is quickly approaching!
This year’s rotation is Warrior Princess. This year’s retreat embodies the concept that
we as daughters of the King are indeed Princesses! As ambassadors for Christ, we princesses are part of a
kingdom that is at war. Join us as we prepare to fight on the battlefield that
is our broken world.

March 3-4
Camp Pitt
Girls grades 6-12

Special Guest: Jolie Osborne


Can’t wait to see there!! Click “Registration” on the top navigation bar to get started!


Falling Out of Love

by Breezy Peterson

I think we can all admit that at some point (maybe even now) we have had a soft spot for some thing in our lives. I’m talking about an object that holds significant meaning, like a special sweatshirt or stuffed animal, a book, or a pair of shoes. It may not even look like something of value to an outsider. It may look like a ratty t-shirt to someone else, but to you, that shirt is priceless!

As Christians, we know that we are storing up treasures in Heaven (Matt. 6:20), not on earth, but we still have human tendencies. One of the strongest impulses we have is to attach our heart-strings to the substantial things around us.

It’s not just things, though. It most certainly can be music or movies or locations, but most especially, we attach ourselves to people. We all have our squad, our tribe, our families, our PEOPLE. We love our people, and in most cases, our people love us.


Think of Jonathon and David (1 Sam. 18). Jonathon put everything he had on the line out of love for David. Think of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:16). Ruth left all that she had behind to follow Naomi, out of love, into a foreign land.  Think of Paul and Timothy (2 Tim. 1). They were such dear friends that they came to regard one another as true family, united in faith and love.

Think ultimately of Jesus Christ, the best and truest friend of sinners, who extends His hand to us though we could never be deserving of His compassion.

As much as we anchor our heart-strings to people and places and things, our passions can shift dramatically. Have you ever wondered why something or someone you loved was perfectly wonderful one day, and completely inadequate the next? Have you taken the time to pray about it and thoughtfully consider why?

We’ve all done it, cast some thing or some one aside because those heart-strings we had so happily entangled with it were cut. Sometimes it happens quickly, and other times it’s a slow severing of tiny threads that fray and eventually break. Somehow, we’ve all lost our love for some thing or some one, but I’m thinking it’s really not that mysterious at all.

What happened was this: we stopped seeing what was once beloved through our own eyes, and started seeing it through someone else’s. We allowed the judgement of others to color our vision and alter our perception.

I’m experiencing this very phenomenon as I type. Our family is in the process of putting our house up for sale, and almost overnight, my home became far less appealing to me. I started seeing my house through someone else’s gaze—specifically, our realtor’s. He came to our home to help us draft a list of things we ought to do to make our house more appealing to prospective buyers. As I looked at all of the repairs and cleaning and work that has to be done, I felt my spirit sink. All I can think about our home is…

It’s not big enough.

It’s not clean enough.

It’s not new enough.

It’s not special enough.

It’s just…not enough.

A few weeks ago, before I wanted to move into town and out of our home, I loved our house just the way it was. Sure, the floor vents needed to be cleaned. And the kitchen needed some TLC. And the paint could use some sprucing up. But it was all part of the charm. Our home looks lived in. It IS lived in! Very quickly, however, those feelings changed. I stopped seeing all of the memories we have made and started seeing all the imperfections that we have tolerated. 

“No, I really love the sweater, Grandma.”

How often do we look at what God has given us and give it a negative label? Even as young children we were taught to accept gifts graciously (even if it was another awful itchy sweater from Grandma Gertrude) and admonished when we complained about the presents we received. As we get older, how do we remember these lessons of our youth, especially when it comes to our dearest companions, and even, to ourselves?

When the Lord knit us together, He gave each of us a gift. God fashioned for every human being a unique physical form, a body for life on earth, that we get to use and enjoy and discipline and mold until its time for us to leave it. Do you remember the moment you fell out of love with your own body? When the hair on your arms or the freckles on your face just weren’t good enough anymore? I can almost guarantee you that up until a certain point, you were oblivious to what you now consider flaws in your physical body.

We all lose that sweet, child-like naivety when we accept societal standards of beauty, when we change our lens. If you need proof of this, consider the average second grader. It’s hard to find a 7 year old who wants to look good in her skinny jeans or be ready for bathing suit season. The reason why is simple: she hasn’t learned to see herself through some one else’s eyes. She still surveys the world, and herself in it, with the optimistic outlook of a child who hasn’t learned to be critical and unkind to herself. When we accept a worldly lens in substitute for a Godly perspective, we set ourselves up for unimaginable pain and disappointment. 

Nothing we have loved or ever will love will be good enough if we are using a flawed perspective. It’s the interposition of Jesus, it’s Him coming into our lives and transforming us, that makes anything and everything beautiful, complete, and pleasing to God.

If you’ve recently lost your love for some one or your own self, spend some time in prayer over those things. This is not a call to idolatry; we must not inalterably love the world or the things of it, but I believe that God gave us affectionate natures for a reason. He gave us friendship and family as a shadow of the Kingdom yet to come, and to help us understand our places in it. We care for the things that matter to us, and I believe that is by design. Did God remove a passion you had been cultivating because He has greater plans for you? Or did you abandon a friendship or a positive body-image because you started looking at things through someone else’s eyes?

Let the Lord search your heart, and with Him, see the world (and yourself in it) through His eyes.

ModFem 2016 | Bridal Edition | Recap

It has been a whole week since the wrap of ModFem 2016…and I’m missing you all! I hope that you are rocking those ModFem t-shirts and sharing the love of Jesus with those you encounter…remember, you may be the only Jesus that someone sees!

ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem

This year’s theme was Bridal Edition. We discussed the Old, the New, the Borrowed, and the Blue aspects of being a bride of Christ. Relationships should be free from baggage, intentional, marriage is sacred, and our God is truly a loving God who WANTS to have a meaningful, loving, merciful relationship with us! We are all flawed, but He covers us in His grace and loves us unconditionally. As we mature and begin the search for the man that God has chosen for us, we should bear in mind that a person can never fill the God-sized hole in our hearts.

Our Speakers were (from left to right), ModFem alumni Sarah, myself (Megan), Breezy, and Joanna!


Craft time: making bracelets…

ModFem ModFem

Early Saturday morning workout: thanks to those who came out to workout with me!


Worship: led by Breezy.


Thank you to Rebekah for signing for us!

ModFem ModFem

Competing to create the best toilet paper wedding dresses!

ModFem ModFem

Congrats teams! Job well done!


Small group: around indoor campfires:)


LOVE our volunteers, wish I had photos of them all.



We wrapped up the retreat with a Reception! Many of you all shared that you hadn’t ever attended a wedding reception before…so I shared with some of you my favorite parts of a reception: dancing…and the punch!!

ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem

A few ladies took advantage of the photobooth!

ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem ModFem


Want to give a special thanks to our adult volunteers and those who made donations:

Jane, Tammy, Brittany, Cindy, Johnnie, Kim, Chris, Karen, Jane, Marie, Joy, Jessica, Jeanne, Hannah, Ginny, Michelle, Annette.

Thank you to Brenda for running our audio/slideshow!

Reception Wedding cake made and donated by: Jessica Casper.

Thank you to those ladies who brought and shared wedding mementos. These items were definitely priceless.

Next year’s theme: Daughters of the King.
Hope to see you there!!


Reception Style | ModFem 2016

ModFem 2016 is quickly approaching! Today is actually the deadline for registration, however, if you still would like to attend, please do not hesitate to contact us!

As we prepare for this year’s Bridal Edition, we wanted to share some reception attire for you ladies:) During the Closing Celebration next weekend at ModFem, we will be celebrating with a reception. Who doesn’t love to have a good time, right? So why not tie in a party to our Bridal-themed weekend?!

Here are 3 different looks, created by yours truly:)


Reception with Tiffany: for a classy, sophisticated look.

ModFem Fashion

Vintage Hop Reception: retro class.

ModFem Fashion

Country Chic Reception: stylish, yet still dressy:)

ModFem Fashion

Each of us has our own style…we just have to be sure that we are respecting our bodies (and our hearts) when we present ourselves. These looks aren’t set in stone for how your style should be at the ModFem reception…just some fun suggestions. I can’t wait to see you all next weekend!


New series! Getting Hitched: Part I

contributed by Breezy Peterson

Local fashion designer Savanna Lewis is not just an astonishingly talented young woman, self-starting entrepreneur, business woman (just look at these lovely designs!) and college student.

She is also a gorgeous bride-to-be.

We reached out to Ms. Lewis via email after coming across her stunning engagement photos. With this year’s MODFEM theme being “The Bridal Edition”, hearing Savanna’s story seemed like a perfect fit. Which sounds really great. But basically…Savanna graciously allowed us to ask all sorts of nosy questions.

Her life has been uniquely woven by God, and is being exquisitely crafted for His glory. Over the next couple of posts, we hope you find as much joy in her words as we did. Here’s Part I.



Savanna was born 19 years ago in Lynchburg, VA. Although her designs reflect the sleek elegance of high fashion, living in Hurt all of her life has not seemed to have cramped her style. Savanna says she has enjoyed this provincial life, even if it came with certain challenges.

“I have loved every second of the small town feeling we have here,” Savanna said. “Of course it kind of sucked having to drive 45 minutes from my house to get to the nearest mall, but you get used to it pretty quick.”

Savanna’s childhood was a bit unconventional. Her family chose to homeschool her exclusively, training her up from preschool to high school graduation at home. She says that her family’s stance on Godly values did not fit in with the public school options, and that although she once bristled at the peculiarities of homeschooling, she is now appreciative of her parent’s choices.

“Being homeschooled really shaped me into becoming a designer,” she said. “The extra time I had to spend at home kind of got the creative ideas spinning in my head.”

Savanna also spent a great many hours on the floors of her grandmother’s sewing rooms, soaking in the lifetime of skills both women offered.

One of her earliest memories, Savanna says, centers around sewing.

“I can remember sitting on my Granny’s floor while she sewed. She would hand me a needle, thread, and a swatch of fabric for me to make anything I wanted.”

As talented as Savanna is today, she concedes that she was not a child prodigy. “I couldn’t make anything when I was that young, but I definitely knew how to put some very crooked stitches in a piece of fabric!”

Savanna continued to hone her technique, culminating in a particularly frustrating project she was trying to complete by herself. The pattern for a skirt proved to be maddening, and she threw the whole thing into the trash.

Then, she fished it out.

“I said to myself, ‘I can make this without that stupid pattern!’ At the time, I didn’t really think I could, but a few hours later I realized—I was right.”

That was the moment a spark was lit for Savanna.

“I could make a skirt without a pattern and without any guides,” she said, “because I’m a designer, not a seamstress.”

“From that point on, there was no stopping my designs.”


To discover more of God’s design for this sweet southern gal, tune in on Friday for our next installment of “Getting Hitched with Savanna Lewis”.


I love Pinterest

contributed by Megan Bryant

Pinterest is quite the addictive site. I often find myself drooling over gorgeous kitchens and living spaces, food, and of course clothes!!

I started a specific board with my ModFem ladies in mind, called Modest is Hottest. I create outfits on Polyvore and then publish them onto this board. It’s fun to play around with, so if you love fashion, I highly recommend it! There is a Polyvore app too:) You’re welcome!

This is one of my latest creations, simple but appropriate for this season:) The boots are my fave!


Baby Its Cold Outside


ModFem 2015 Recap

This year’s ModFem was really special for me, as it was my first year as a speaker. The past 2 years, I was a small group leader. While that was rewarding, I felt truly blessed by this year’s movement. I feel like the girls were receptive to the information shared with them. I had the pleasure of conferencing one-on-one with a few of the girls and I would like to share a couple of things:

1. God is your King. You are his Princess. Do not let anyone treat you as anything less. You do not answer to ANY boy on this planet.

2. Confidence does not equal sexy. You can be a strong, confident lady without immodesty.

3. Dress to meet Jesus!

Here are a few photos from the event, including the closing ceremony–a fashion show, starring the girls!

 MBP-2224 MBP-4100 MBP-4096 MBP-4089 MBP-4083 MBP-4081 MBP-4078 MBP-4074 MBP-4064 MBP-4050 MBP-4031 MBP-4019

There was lots of fun to be had by all, even during the self-defense course! I hope to see everyone again next year, and bring a friend!

Love in Christ,